Papers from this conference were edited by Ebru Boyar and Kate Fleet and published in The Ottomans and Trade (Oriente Moderno, XXV/1) (Rome, 2006).

Thursday 21 March


  • Chair: Dr Colin Heywood (SOAS)
  • Professor Dan Goffman (Indiana), Homogeneity and heterogenity in the Early Modern Ottoman world: toward a typology for Ottoman expansion. 
  • Professor Salih Özbaran (Izmir), The Ottomans and the Indian trade: new data and reconsiderations. 
  • Professor Michele Bernardini (Istituto Orientale Universario, Naples), Commercial activities in Anatolia during the period of Timur’s invasion: new perspectives. 


  • Chair: Dr Nelida Fuccaro (Exeter)
  • Professor Elena Frangakis-Syrett (CUNY), The evolution and dynamics of Ottoman-European trade: the 18th century. 
  • Professor Leila Fawaz (Tufts), Beirut in the 19th century. 


  • Chair: Dr Colin Heywood (SOAS)
  • Professor Suraiya Faroqhi (Munich), The business misfortunes of a 17th-century Ottoman merchant. 
  • Dr Jan Schmidt (Leiden), Hamza Efendi’s treatise on buying and selling of 1678. 


  • Chair: Professor Leila Fawaz (Tufts)
  • Dr Maurits van den Boogert (Leiden), Ottoman Greeks in the Dutch Levant trade: collective policy and individual practice (1750-1800). 
  • Dr Svetla Ianeva (Sofia), Commercial practices and protoindustrial activities of a Bulgarian trader: Hristo Rachkov at the end of the 18th -beginning of the 19th centuries.

Friday 22 March


  • Chair: Professor Amy Singer (Tel Aviv)
  • Dr Eugenia Kermeli (Bilkent, Ankara), The legal aspect of the iltizam contract. 
  • Ms Ebru Boyar (Cambridge/METU), Public good and private exploitation: criticism of the tobacco Régie in 1909. 
  • Dr Kate Fleet (Cambridge), Trade and law in the early 15th century: the case of Cagi Sati Oglu. 


  • Chair: Professor Geoffrey Lewis (Oxford)
  • Professor Jane Hathaway (Ohio), The Ottomans and the Yemeni coffee trade in the 17th and 18th centuries. 
  • Professor Mina Rozen (Haifa), The bread of the poor: meat trade and politics in Jewish Ottoman society of the 19th century. 
  • Dr Dariusz Kolodziecjzyk (Warsaw), Slave hunting and slave redemption as a business enterprise: the northern Black Sea region in the 16th and 17th centuries. 

Saturday 23 March


  • Chair: Professor Leila Fawaz (Tufts)
  • Dr Eyal Ginio (The Hebrew University, Jerusalem), The conquering Balkan Orthodox merchant?: Muslim merchants in the Ottoman Balkans. 
  • Dr Svetlana Ivanova (Sofia), Minorities: the merchants in Rumeli in the 17th and 18th centuries. 
  • Dr Antonis Anastasopoulos (Crete), Building alliances: a Christian merchant in 18th-century Karaferye. 


  • Chair: Professor Amy Singer (Tel Aviv)
  • Mr Tim Stanley (London), Shiraz, Istanbul, Delhi: luxury manuscripts and trade. 
  • Dr Nicolas Vatin (CNRS, Paris), Le commerce funéraire à Istanbul.


  • Chair: Dr Colin Heywood (SOAS)
  • Dr Fruma Zachs (Haifa), Commerce and merchants under Amir Bashir II: from market town to commercial. 
  • Dr Stefka Parveva (Sofia), The influence of the market on the urban agrarian space: the case of the town of Arcadia in 1716. 
  • Dr Rossitsa Gradeva (Sofia), Villagers in international trade: the case of Chervena voda in the 17th-18th centuries. 

The Skilliter Centre for Ottoman Studies gratefully acknowledges the support of the British Academy.