• Chair: Gül Tokay (Istanbul)
  • John Burman (Cambridge), “Rebels and revolutionaries: Britain and opposition to the Ottoman system during the late Hamidian period, 1898-1908.” 
  • Gökhan Çetinsaya (Istanbul Şehir University), “Anglo-Ottoman relations: the case of Iraq.” 
  • Feroze Yasamee (Manchester), “Neutrality and moderation: Abdülhamid II and Great Britain, 1888-1892.” 

The case of Cyprus

  • Chair: Feroze Yasamee (Manchester)
  • Irene Pophaides (Cambridge), “The Ottoman-British-Cypriot triangle: a reassessment.” 
  • Niyazi Kızılyürek (University of Cyprus), “How did the Muslims of Cyprus become an ethnic community?” 
  • Sia Anagnostopoulou (Panteion University, Athens), “Cyprus: the critical encouter between the imperial-type modernity of the Ottoman Empire and the radical, representative modernity of Britain.” 



  • Ebru Boyar (METU, Ankara), “Ottoman responses to English espionage in Anatolia in the post-World War I period.”
  • Kate Fleet (Cambridge), “British activities in south-eastern Anatolia in the aftermath of the First World War.”








The organizers gratefully acknowledge the support of the A.G. Leventis Foundation and The English School in Nicosia, Cyprus.