This conference (5-6 February 2010) considered various aspects colonialist from a comparative perspective, with papers covering the Ottoman empire and the early Turkish Republic, the Portuguese in early modern Southeast Asia, American missionaries, British-mandated Palestine, Algeria, Malta and Cyprus.


  • Feroz Ahmad (Yeditepe University, Istanbul), “Decolonization and the fall of the Ottoman Empire.”
  • James McDougall (Oxford University), “Old guard, new era: the imperialism of development at the end of French Algeria.”

Colonial RuleDSC09546.s

  • Erol Baykal (Cambridge University), “Colonial Dutch interest in the Ottoman press in the 19th century.”
  • Jake Norris (Cambridge University), “Beyond mandatory borders: civil society under British rule in Bethlehem.”


  • Tara Alberts (Cambridge University), ” ‘A worthy enterprise for your courage’: Portuguese colonial ambition and evangelism in early modern Southeast Asia.”
  • Andrew Preston (Cambridge University), “Faith, rights, and norms: American missionaries and informal empire.”


  • Aimilia Themopoulou (Athens University), “British trade and British interests in Salonica in its hinterland in the 19th century.”
  • Kate Fleet (Cambridge University), “Money and politics: British activities in Anatolia during the Turkish national liberation war.”
  • Carmel Cassar (University of Malta), “Continuity and change: the adoption of a wheat free trade in British Malta.”

Intellectual approaches

  • Gabriela Ramos (Cambridge University), “Indigenous perceptions of Spanish colonialism.”
  • Ebru Boyar (Middle East Technical University, Ankara), “The deconstruction of mental colonisation: intellectual responses to colonialism in the early Turkish Republic.”
  • Irene Pophaides (Frederick University, Cyprus), “The dialectic of ideology and circumstance: Enosis revisited.”