This conference was organised in conjunction with Mark Nesbitt, Institute of Archaeology, UCL.

Filiz Yenişehirlioğlu (Hacettepe, Ankara), Excavations in Istanbul. 

Machiel Kiel (Utrecht), Electronic” excavation of an Ottoman külliye in Kirkkavak. 

Caroline Finkel (Istanbul), Dirt and documents: the case of Ottoman Ozi (Ochakov). 

Joanita Vroom (Utrecht), Turkish rubbish in Greek soil: the Ottoman pottery from some waste pits in Thebes, Boetia. 

Thurstan Robinson (Oxford), Archaeology and defterology: reading the environment in Pisidia/Tekke.

John Bintliff (Durham), Constructing an Ottoman archaeology: the deserted village project in Central Greece. 

Mark Nesbitt (Institute of Archaeology, University College London), Archaeobotany and defterology: interdisciplinary approaches to Ottoman agriculture. 

St John Simpson (British Museum), Turkish delight: the impact of tobacco in the Ottoman empire.