From 2007 to 2010, the Skilliter Centre ran a series of graduate seminars.

Papers given at the Skilliter Centre Graduate Seminar in Ottoman Studies

Butrus Abu-Manneh (Haifa), “The Reform Edict of 1856 and its antecedents”.

James Baldwin (NYU), “Petitioning the sultan in Ottoman Egypt.”

Erol Baykal (Cambridge), “The cholera epidemics in Istanbul”.

Erol Baykal (Cambridge) “A quantitative look at the 1908 press boom”

Doris Behrens-Abouseif (SOAS), “The Takiyya of Sultan Mahmud in Cairo”.

Maurits van den Boogert (Leiden), “The ‘Smyrna affair’ of 1853: international diplomacy and law in the Ottoman empire in the 19th century”.

Marianne Boqvist (Skilliter Centre), “Interpreting the integration of the Ottomans in early Ottoman Damascus through the kadı court records”.

John Burman (Cambridge), “Fact or fiction? The alleged Ottoman accession to the Anglo-Japanese agreement, 1905”.

Pascal Firges (Heidelberg), “Britain and the Ottoman Empire in the Years of the French Revolution”.

Pascal Firges (Heidelberg), “The French Revolution in Istanbul: The British Perspective”.

Ben Fortna (SOAS), “Reading between public and private in the late Ottoman Empire and the early Turkish Republic”.

Claudia Gazzini (Oxford), ” Iahudi, musawi or just an Ottoman citizen? Jews in the nizami and shar’iya court records of late Ottoman Libya”.

John-Paul Ghobrial (Princeton), ” Informal Networks of Information and Europeans in Istanbul: The Case of Sir William Trumbull in 1688”.

Tobias Graf (Cambridge), “Ciğalazade Yusuf Sinan Pasha and Ali Bey: Two case studies in the early modern renegade phenomenon”.

Vanessa Gueno (Aix-en-Provence), “De la ville à la campagne, un paysage tripartite. Homs à la fin du XIXe siècle/From the city to the countryside, a tripartite landscape. Homs at the end of the XIXth century”.

Marios Hadjianastasis (Birmingham), “The rebellion of Mehmed Boyacıoğlu in Cyprus, 1680”.

Antonis Hadjikyriacou (SOAS), “Imperial Responses to Security Concerns in the Mediterranean: Administering Eighteenth-century Cyprus”.

Stefan Ihrig (Cambridge), “ ‘Mustafa on the Rhine’ and ‘Ankara in Munich’ – The role model of Turkey in the Weimar Republic”.

Natalia Krolikowska (Warsaw), “The crimean khan, his beys and his subjects. The study of Murad Giray’s reign (1678-1683)”.

Amal Marogy (Cambridge), “Minorities in Iraq under the Ottoman Empire”.

Stephen McPhillips (Aix-en-Provence), “Settlement and landscape development in the Homs Region, Syria: introduction to the project and preliminary indications for the Islamic periods”.

Jake Norris (Cambridge), ‘The imperial struggle for control of the Dead Sea, 1906-1934”.

Claire Norton (St. Mary’s University College), “Lust, Greed, Torture and Identity: Narrations of Conversion and the Creation of the Early Modern ‘Renegade in a Maghrebi Ottoman Context'”

Natalia Nowakowska (Oxford), “’Poland, the Ottomans and the Crusade c.1500”.

Irene Pophaides (Cambridge), “The still birth of Cypriot identity: Cyprus at the end of Ottoman rule”.

Kristine Rose (Cambridge), “An introduction to Islamic manuscript material: structures and conversation with examples from Cambridge University Library”.

Kristine Rose (Cambridge), “The Ottoman manuscripts in the University Library”.

Will Smiley (Cambridge), “Ottoman reforms and relations with Russia in the late 18th century”.

Salim Tamari (Institute of Jerusalem Studies, Ramallah), “Camels in Siberia: the experience of WWI Ottoman prisoner”.

Mark Voyger (Cambridge), “The Barbary ‘States’: a political reality, or a bicentennial stereotype in the U.S. diplomatic practice and legal thinking?”.

Stefan Weber (London), “Giving history space: social agents, architecture and the making of the Ottoman port city of Sidon”

Christine Woodhead (Durham) “Ottoman letter collections”.

Mehmet Yerçil (Cambridge), Ottoman rule versus German informal imperialism: questions of Ottoman mobility counterposed to the analysis of Anatolia by Germans, 1870-1914”.