This conference was part of a three-year project organised by the Skilliter Centre for Ottoman Studies and Vehbi Koç ve Ankara Araştırmaları Merkezi (VEKAM), Koç University, on The Socio-Economic History of Anatolia in the Ottoman Period. It was held at the Skilliter Centre on 18-19 March 2016 and the speakers were:

  • Yaron Ayalon (Ball State), “Plague, psychology, and religious boundaries in Ottoman Anatolia”.
  • Ebru Boyar (METU, Ankara / Skilliter Centre), “The ‘diseasescape’ of late Ottoman Anatolia: state approaches, social reactions and the complexities of implementation”.
  • Selçuk Dursun (METU, Ankara), “The question of the forest: rethinking the deforestation narratives in the Late Ottoman empire”.
  • Tolga Esmer (Central European University, Budapest), “Emotions in the Ottoman archives: imperial uncommon sense at the height of turn-of-the-nineteenth-century insurgency”.
  • Özge Ertem (Harvard), “Coping with post-war famine and hunger in the Ottoman East (1879-1882)”.
  • Güneş Işıksel (Medeniyet University, Istanbul), “Brigands, calamities and states: regulation of banditry by the Ottomans and their neighbours in the sixteenth century”.
  • Nükhet Varlık (Rutgers), “Plague ecology in Ottoman Anatolia”.
  • Sara Nur Yıldız (University of St Andrews / Orient-Institut Istanbul), “The disease landscape of medieval Anatolia and the early modern Ottoman world”.

The conference programme can be downloaded here.