Other Activities

Graduate Seminars

From 2007 to 2010, the Skilliter Centre ran a series of graduate seminars. Papers given at the Skilliter Centre Graduate Seminar in Ottoman Studies Butrus Abu-Manneh (Haifa), “The Reform Edict of 1856 and its antecedents”. James Baldwin (NYU), “Petitioning the sultan in Ottoman Egypt.” Erol Baykal (Cambridge), “The cholera epidemics in Istanbul”. Erol Baykal (Cambridge) “A quantitative look at

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Excursion to Ankara

In March 2009, four of the undergraduates taking Dr. Fleet's course on the history of modern Turkey - Ivan Gladstone, Bayan Parvizi, Isobel Spaven-Donn, and Adam Williams - visited Ankara, with bursaries from the Skilliter Centre. Whilst in Ankara, they stayed in the guesthouse of

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The changing city: Istanbul at the end of empire

On Sunday 28th September 2008, the Skilliter Centre hosted a talk, "The changing city: Istanbul at the end of empire", as part of Cambridge University's alumni weekend. The talk, given by Kate Fleet and Ebru Boyar, covered a range of aspects of Istanbul life in the nineteenth century, from the adoption of sea-bathing to the

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Summer Gathering

The Skilliter Centre held a Summer Gathering for Patrons, Friends and supporters of the Skilliter Centre on 2 July,2006. Ebru Boyar and Kate Fleet gave a talk on “The Ottoman Garden”. The food for the buffet lunch was given by Mr Hüseyin Özer, the owner of the Özer restaurant in Langham Place, London and of

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The Ottoman Experience Tour

From 1-10 September 2005 there was a Skilliter Centre tour organised for a group of 26 Newnham alumnae and friends and led by Ebru Boyar and Kate Fleet to Istanbul, Bursa and Edirne. Over the ten days of the tour, the group visited sites ranging from a 15th-century mental hospital in Edirne to the 19th-century

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