This joint conference was organized with l’Istituto per l’Oriente C.A. Nallino, Rome and CNRWS, Leiden University, and held in Leiden on 21-22 September 2002.

Papers from the conference were edited by Maurits van den Boogert and Kate Fleet and published in The Ottoman Capitulations: Text and Context (Oriente Moderno, XXII/3) (Rome, 2003).

Friday 21 September


9.45 Welcome and opening
Chair: Alexander de Groot (Leiden)
10.00 Kate Fleet (Cambridge), Latin-Ottoman diplomatic relations before the fall of Constantinople.
10.30 COFFEE
11.00 Darius Kolodziejczyk (Warsaw), Between the splendour of Barocco and Realpolitik. The form and contents of the Polish-Ottoman treaty documents of 1699.
11.30 Jan Schmidt (Leiden), Manuscripts documenting relations between the Ottoman Empire and the West in the Leiden University Library: treaties, passports and letters.
11.30 Jean-Louis Bacqué-Grammont (Paris), Autour de quelques texts de capitulations conservés à la bibliothèque Inguimbertine de Carpentras.
12.30 LUNCH
Chair: Kate Fleet (Cambridge)
14.00 Merlijn Olnon (Leiden), ‘A most agreeable and pleasant creature’? Merzifonlu Kara Mustafa Pasha and Dutch commerce in the Levant.
14.30 Erik Visscher (Leiden), An Ahdname in the making: the Treaty of Pasarrowitz (1715-1718).
15.00 Rosita d’Amora (Naples), Diplomatic exchange between Naples and the Ottoman Empire in the middle of the 18th century.
15.30 Isa Blumi (New York), The shifting parameters of the capitulations in the late Ottoman period: the case of Austrian pretensions in Ottoman Albania, 1878-1912.
Saturday 22 September


Chair: Darius Kolodziejczyk (Warsaw)
11.00 Maurits van den Boogert (Leiden), The capitulations and the Ottoman legal system: Europeans in the Islamic courts.
11.30 Svetlana Ivanova (Sofia), The Ottoman Empire’s own ‘foreigners’ and their joint berats.
12.00 Alexander de Groot (Leiden) ,The Ottoman capitulations: Foreign Relations or Home Affairs?