Dr. Kate Fleet
Dr. Kate FleetDirector

Dr. Kate Fleet was educated at SOAS, University of London, where she did her B.A. in Middle Eastern History and Arabic, and her Ph.D. on the commercial relations between the Turks and the Genoese 1300-1453. She has been at the Centre since 1991. Having begun in the early period of Ottoman history, in the 14th and 15th centuries, she continues to research in this period, but also works on Ottoman economic history more generally as well as on the period of the later empire and the early Turkish Republic. She is the Graduate Tutor at Newnham College.

She was the Newton Trust Lecturer in Ottoman History in the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies and the History Faculty from 2001 to 2011, and teaches Ottoman history and the history of modern Turkey.

Her books include European and Islamic Trade in the Early Ottoman State: The Merchants of Genoa and Turkey (Cambridge, 1999), together with Ebru Boyar, A Social History of Ottoman Istanbul (Cambridge, 2010), together with Svetla Ianeva, Ottoman Economic Practices in Periods of Transformation: The Cases of Crete and Bulgaria (Ankara, 2014) and, Ottoman Women in Public Space, edited together with Ebru Boyar (Leiden, 2016). She is editor of volume I of The Cambridge History of Turkey: Byzantium-Turkey, 1071-1453 (Cambridge, 2009) and, together with Suraiya Faroqhi, of volume II, The Ottoman Empire as a World Power, 1453-1603 (Cambridge, 2012). She is Editor-in-Chief of Turkish Historical Review and an Executive Editor of the Encyclopaedia of Islam Three.

Dr. Ebru Boyar
Dr. Ebru BoyarAcademic Advisor

Dr. Ebru Boyar studied international relations at the Middle East Technical University in Ankara, specialising for her M.Sc. on the development of national identity in Algeria. She then did a Ph.D. in the Faculty of Oriental Studies, Cambridge, on late Ottoman and early Republican representation of the Balkans. Her publications include Ottomans, Turks and the Balkans: Empire Lost, Relations Altered (London, 2007) and, together with Kate Fleet, A Social History of Ottoman Istanbul (Cambridge, 2010).

Her research interests include Ottoman and Turkish social history, state-society relations and Ottoman and Turkish foreign policy.

She is Associate Professor in the Department of International Relations, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, where she teaches Ottoman, Turkish and modern Middle Eastern History.

Eve Lacey
Eve LaceyLibrarian

Eve Lacey studied English at King’s College, Cambridge, and Library and Information Studies at University College London. She is Senior Library Assistant at Newnham College Library.

Dr. Erol Baykal
Dr. Erol BaykalIT Consultant
Dr. Erol Baykal obtained his B.A. in Middle Eastern Studies at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. He then came to Cambridge where he did his M.Phil. on life in Istanbul during the Balkan Wars at the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, and his Ph.D. on the Ottoman press between 1908 and 1923, under the supervision of Dr. Fleet.
He has published on the relationship between Abdülhamid II and the Ottoman press in relation to diplomatic relations with the Dutch and on cholera epidemics in Istanbul during the Balkan Wars. He has a forthcoming book The Ottoman Press, 1908-1923. He is the creator and maintainer of the online Arabic verb conjugation tool ACON.
Currently, he is working as a freelance IT consultant.