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Spying in the Ottoman Empire

Chair: Suraiya Faroqhi (Munich)


Kate Fleet (Cambridge)
Italians, Turks and intelligence in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries


Alexander Halenko (Kiev)
Moscow spying in the Ottoman empire from the fifteenth to the eighteenth centuries


F. A. K. Yasamee (Manchester)
Espionage at the end of the Ottoman empire


Chair: F. A. K. Yasamee (Manchester)


Bülent Gökay (Cambridge)
The illicit adventures of Rawlinson: British intelligence in the final phase of the

The loss of the provinces: Ottoman fragmentation to 1918

Discussant: Kate Fleet (Cambridge)
Bülent Gökay (Cambridge)
The end of Ottoman rule in the Balkans


Discussant: Richard Crampton (Oxford)
Stevan Pavlowitch (Southampton)
Serbia and the decline of the Ottoman empire


Discussant: Richard Crampton (Oxford)
F. A. K. Yasamee (Manchester)
Bulgaria and the decline of the Ottoman empire


Discussant: Dimitry Zhantiev (Moscow)
Eugene Rogan (Oxford)
Reconsolidation of Ottoman rule in the Arab provinces


David Kushner (Haifa)
Ali Ekrem Bey, Governor of Jersulem, 1906-1908

Documentary sources for Ottoman history

Colin Heywood (SOAS)
Ottoman documents and their context
Julian Chrysostomides (Royal Holloway, London)
Byzantine and Venetian sources for Ottoman history
Kate Fleet (Cambridge)
Genoese archival sources for Ottoman history
Colin Imber (Manchester)
Ottoman legal documents


Rhoads Murphey (Birmingham)
Issues in interpreting icmals

Emerging identities in the late Ottoman empire

This conference examined various aspects of identity in the late Ottoman empire.​​

Discussant: Ulrike Freitag (SOAS)

Bülent Gökay (Keele), A quest for identity: the Kurds in the late Ottoman empire.
Nelida Fuccaro (Exeter), The Yazidi Kurds of Iraq: tribe, sect and state in the late Ottoman period.

Discussant: Filiz Yenişehirlioğlu (Cambridge)

Alexander de Groot (Leiden), The changing identity of dragomans

The Ottoman empire in the eighteenth century

A digital copy of the programme can be downloaded here.